Rongai Route


Rongai route is the primary course that ascents Kilimanjaro from the northern side of Kilimanjaro, along the edge among Tanzania and Kenya. Along this route you can spectator a substitute point of view of Kilimanjaro which is incorporated by wild and wild animals like elephant, buffalo and eland can be spotted along your trail. Climbers will undoubtedly get clear, an unclouded sight of the mountain on this course. On account of its remote territory, this route course has less traffic when diverged from various seminars on Kilimanjaro. Nevertheless, it is seen as a standout amongst the most direct courses with a high accomplishment rate.

Another clarification behind taking this course is you dive Kilimanjaro from the Marangu route course which is on the southern side of the mountain, permitting to see the opposite sides of the mountain.The atmosphere on the northern side is drier and trekkers are increasingly opposed to go over rain spells on this route.
• The Rongai route descends along the Marangu route as well, however you still sleep in tents, and do not use the A-frame huts of the Marangu route

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